Monthly Archives : April 2008

Linux Wallpapers

I found these cool Linux wallpapers. [gallery] For more of these awesome wallpapers, visit the general linux wallpaper page and the distro-themed wallpaper page .

Testing Twitter poll

I don't know how many of you are already addicted to Twitter, but I admit, I am. For the blissfully ignorant ones, Twitter is a micro-blogging service, i.e, you can post messages in less than 140 characters. People who are interested in what you have to say "Follow" you to keep updated of your one sentence micro-blogs. In turn, you…

Codeweavers boost Linux Migration

Codeweavers, the company which gave us the award-winning software to run MAC OS and Windows software on Linux, is giving it's full support in Lindependence '08. Lindependence '08 is a community endeavor to migrate not one, not ten, but the WHOLE TOWN of Felton, California to Linux. Oh yeah !! That's what I call mass conversions. The CrossOver suite of…