The Commencement

I , Raseel , the worshipper of Homer J Simpson, Commander of the Pot-belly army, Chief of the Lazy Forces, Believer of Sloth and Gluttony, Eater of the First Order of Ultra-Junk foods, Enemy of the Exercise, hereby declare the Commencement of the Barik Raseel Project.

Join me , oh Lazy and Fat Ones, in my journey to Slimville !!!

It is only with a tear in my eye , sadness in my heart and a burp in my mouth that I sadly announce the declaration of this project.

It is not to betray our community, but teach a lesson to the theirs.

Fret not my pot-bellied brothers and sisters, for I’m not crossing the line forever. It is only with a focussed intention in my mind that I have taken this decision and I shall be back before long.

It is a necessary , albiet dirty, step that must be taken.

I do this not for to loose pounds but to gain respect.

My love for food and all things lazy has not died, but is in fact, kept safe in the deepest recesses of my , uhh.. tummy.

So wish me luck, as I embark upon this difficult task, through pangs of hunger and seas of sweat, …. as I reach the Goal and forever end the wretched Argument and answer  The Question :

Can they really do it ?

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  • anuz May 5, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Ha ha, funny as always.
    But still I would ask “kitne din ka bukhar hai” or have you got threats from someone?
    i even wrote a post on sloth and gluttony quite some time back, but mine was pro- them.


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