Help to Spec Regression Testing for Ubuntu Apps

As any software engineer worth his salt knows, Regression , especially after an upgrade, is one of the most important aspects to take care of.

Professionally, I have taken care of a LOT of upgrade bugs and I so I have felt, first-hand, the pain caused by Regression Bugs.

I work on a tightly integrated embedded system firmware which is of the order of a few megabytes. Even then I woe and cry when confronted with Regression issues. So I can only imagine what the Ubuntu developers must be going through after each Release cycle !! Hats Off to you, brave souls !!!

In order to help these Nobel Knights, Mackenzie has proposed that we try and spec out some common Regression tests for some common software included in the Ubuntu-family of Distros.

To this end, she has created a page on the Ubuntu Wiki for Application Testing. She has included some of the more commonly used applications and anyone is free to add more to the list.

As of writing of this article, only the SeaHorse application has a few test cases.

Hope people will start adding more soon.

I will , hopefully, be contributing to the following Apps :

  • Pidgin
  • gnome-terminal
  • Firefox
  • NetworkManager
  • Tomboy

These are the aboslute few that I cannot live without. But if I actually do end up adding to the above , I’ll add more later.

Hope people start contributing here since it does not take too much time and  you need not be a Triager or a Tester , let alone a Developer , to add your contribution…. Just a user of the App.


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