A return from Hiatus

That’s right. The Goth is back !!!

And he’s meaner and he’s leaner (not really) and he’s gonna be a better blogger than he ever was.

Without ranting what happened in every second of my life since the last post, I’m instead, going to rant about what’s GOING to happen in every second of my life.

In my top priorities is , of course, a more punctual and scheduled Blogging routine , more updates from the “Bareek Raseel Project”, tech-blog updates , hotel reviews, iPhone App reviews (oh yeah baby !!!) , cooking experiments with the Mrs. and of course, my beloved OSD.

Here’s a sneak-peek and what a roller-coster ride it’s going to be.

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  • anuz February 20, 2009 at 11:43 am

    leaner…. with those pics I really don’t think u r serious.
    May be this time Mrs. is hittin u hard.
    hey wats with those weird IPs? u have edited that page?


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