Flashing my Android devices

It’s been quite some time since I played around with my phone’s internals.

I remember trying out different ROMs and tweaks when I first bought it , a year and a half ago. But for some reason, which I can’t remember, I went back and flashed the stock images and even went so far ahead as to un-Root and Lock the bootloader.

Well, I’m back to tinkering with the phone again.

And this time, I even have my Nexus 7 to screw around with. The only problem is, my 2 and a half year old son uses it too. He needs it for his daily fix of Hulk and Play-doh videos and his Dinosaur Apps. I know, …. Don’t ask !!!

Well, nonetheless, I’ll figure out some way to flash the tablet later. For now, I’m going to start playing around with my HTC One X (International edition, codenamed : Endeavoru)

Here are some of my goals in flashing different ROMs :

  • Get used to basic device Rooting procedure
  • Get familiarized with procedure to Flash different ROMs
  • Try out different Recovery Mods : Clockword as well as TWRP
  • Install Android Revolution HD ROM , since it’s very much like the stock HTC ROM, which I am quite fond of.
  • Install Cyanogenmod ROMs
  • (Ultimate Goal 1) Build a Cyanogenmod ROM , first using a Kitchen, then man-up and compile it by hand
  • (Ultimate Goal 2)Multiboot ROM
  • (Ultimate Goal 3) Dual boot with Ubuntu


The first in this series is going to be creating custom ROM using some Kitchen, followed by Flashing the Android Revolution HD.

Stay tuned !!

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