Running my first Marathon

16th October !!!

ये तारीख ईतीहास के पन्नों में सुन्हेरे अक्षरों में लीखी जाएगी (This date will be written in Golden letters on the Pages of History)

The day I ran my first Marathon !!

 It was a crazy feeling, not to mention surreal.

When I signed up for this event … actually, my wify,Darshika, signed me up for this event, I was sure I could complete the Marathon. But what I was NOT convinced of was whether I would be able to run and finish it.

Now, I had started going for walks since about June of this year and I always wanted to take part in Marathons.  But if it had not been for this event, I would continue taking walks for 2-3Kms daily, in my own sweet time, in my own sweet pace.

But as soon as I had registered for the event, I started running, jogging and walking for 5Kms, almost daily. I changed my diet. Ok, admittedly, not much. But even the small changes went along a long way.

The Event itself was Epic !! As soon as I went to collect my T-Shirt and Bib a couple of days before , I think it was on 14th October or something, I knew this was going to be fun-filled event. The Bib collection center was lined with stalls of all the Sponsors, there were people of all ages present to collect their swags. The whole atmosphere even there, was electric.

… To Be Continued

With Mayur and Milind, the Marathon Finishers


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