35th Birthday Celebration

35th Birthday !!! And what  a day !!

Yesterday started off only in a very unusual way : I slept off at 10pm on the previous day itself. So, I wasn’t even awake to take the calls from friends or reply to WhatsApp wishes.

That’s crazy, since I am up till about 2am on an average …. everyday !!

The next morning, the Birthday morning, I cut my cake during breakfast alongwith Rudra 🙂


The next part of the day was one of the best.

I entered office and my colleagues gave me an awesome welcome , by starting a sort-off Flash-Mob-Dancing session

Madness !! Crazy fun !!

The rest of the day was the routine run-off-the-mill work day.


When I returned home, Darshika gifted me all the books I had on my Amazon Wish List.

I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.


Then finally, the dinner at Shizusan was an icing on the cake (No Pun intended) !!

We had Sushi and Maki Rolls. Specifically, I had the Rainbow Maki Roll and the Dynamit Shrimp Maki Roll. Both were good, but the Rainbow Sushi with Tuna as well as Salmon was kickass !! Darshika has the California Maki Roll, which were pretty awesome too.


The Mud Pie Cake was killer too. I’m so glad we were greedy enough to actually order it,even though both of us were full from the dinner.


What a Great Day !!

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