New Year Resolutions (and Goals) for 2018

One thing that I do religiously every start of the year, is set Resolutions. I also make it a point to bug other people to select their own Resolutions, but regardless of how seriously they do it, I definitely choose mine with deathly seriousness.

This year is going to be no different. However, this year, I’m going to add Goals.

So here are some of my New Year’s Resolutions for the beautiful year that is going to be 2018:

  • Learn to Cook: I’m definitely not going to be a Chef in one year, but I think I will have a knack of doing desserts and some good Non-Vegetarian food. Other than these, I want to be able to cook some basic routine dishes for Rudra, so that I can ask Darshika to take rest once in a while.
  • Exercise: Although this one’s a no brainer, my focus will not be a six-pack or bulging muscles. This year, the focus will be to increase stamina and shape up my tummy.
  • Learn a new Language: This year, me, Rudra and Darshika have decided to learn a new language together. Although I was bent on learning German, Rudra wants to learn Spanish and so we are going to start by learning Spanish on the DuoLingo App.
  • Indulge in a new Musical instrument: I purposefully wrote Indulge instead of just Learn. I want to get back to practising a musical instrument like the Tabla or the Drums. However, taking up a completely new non-percussion instrument, like maybe the Violin, is not completely off the table.
  • Write more regularly: It’s high time that a considerable part of my day goes in writing stuff, may it be Emails at work or Blogs or articles on LinkedIn. I definitely intend to start publishing more content this year.


Now that I have Resolutions down, I’d like to articulate my Goals:

  • Learn to Cook: Chapatis, Dal, Paneer sabzi, Cake, Chocolates, Brown Mutton (homemade style)
  • Exercise: Able to run Half-Marathon, Reduced tummy size, Weight to 67Kgs., Trekking
  • Learn a new Language: See some Spanish sitcom regularly, read one small Spanish book
  • Indulge in a new Musical Instrument: Able to figure out the beats/notes of atleast 3 songs on my own.
  • Write more Regularly: 52 Blog posts, 12 Mediums, 12 LinkedIn articles

So there you have it, Resolutions and Goals for 2018.

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