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ckandr (Cryptocurrency KA Naya Desi Rate)

In the last week, with whatever little time I got to myself … you know, after work and binge-watching all episodes of “Black Mirror” , Youtube videos and playing my new PS4 … I decided to write a little command-line tool called ckandr.

Let me back off a little bit and explain WHY I needed to write this tool in the first place:

  • Firstly, for geeks like me, for every Web application out there, we need a command-line counterpart … just for the heck of it. In my case, I was looking for a command line tool to correspond with CoinMarketCap and BitCoinRates
  • In a few clicks I actually found a command-line tool for CoinMarketCap. It’s called coinmon and soon I even found it’s improvised port in Python, pycoinmon. I have no qualms in admitting that these two have been the major inspiration behind ckandr. But both these got Cryptocurrency rates only from the international market based out of USD.
  • In case of BitCoinRates, it shows prices only for Bitcoin and not for other Altcoins.
  • I had noticed that atleast a few Indian cryptocurrency exchanges had a link to the API for their price ticker.

So that was it, I sat down for a few minutes everyday and churned out my little tool. Currently it fetches prices from 3 top Indian exchanges, viz., Koinex, Unocoin and Zebpay. But I would like to support other exchanges as well, like CoinDelta,  Coinsecure, Coinome, Bitxoxo, Pocketbits, EthexIndia, BTCXIndia and others.

All you command-line geeks, please install ckandr with the usual :

$ pip install ckandr --upgrade

And all you Python developers out there, please do visit ckandr’s Github page and help out in expanding it.

For the non-Hindi speaking folks out there, ckandr (pronounced as Sikander)  means a “warrior” or “defender” in Hindi.

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