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बंडखोर हे असेच येती तृणापरी वेदीवर जळती त्या ज्वलनाने जीर्ण भवाला नव्या युगाचा प्रकाश देती. बंडखोर हे असेच जगती मरण ललाटावरती घेउन ना दिसते ना असते त्यास्तव समिधेपरि हे अर्पित जीवन. पृथ्वीवर येण्यापूर्वी हे सोमसुरेचा पितात पेला दिव्य कैफ तो उरतो आत्मा अर्थ न राहे शरीरतेला. निजकाळाच्या कुशीमधे हे सलती खुपती शुलाप्रमाणे नगर शिवेवर निवास यांना सीमाशासित खलाप्रमाणे. हे अनयाचे…

35th Birthday Celebration

35th Birthday !!! And what  a day !! Yesterday started off only in a very unusual way : I slept off at 10pm on the previous day itself. So, I wasn't even awake to take the calls from friends or reply to WhatsApp wishes. That's crazy, since I am up till about 2am on an average .... everyday !! The next…

Cooking Pasta for the First Time

.This post is still a WIP  ( ... just like my Pasta Cooking), but here's the low down : Chefs Main Chef : Me Sous Chef : Rudra Constant Interferer : Darshika Recipe Pasta (A mixture of Penne and Fusilli) Tomatoes Olives Pasta Mix Oregano Chilli Flakes Ketchup Salt Cooking Time 20 mins. Taste Verdict The texture should be better…

Running my first Marathon

16th October !!! ये तारीख ईतीहास के पन्नों में सुन्हेरे अक्षरों में लीखी जाएगी (This date will be written in Golden letters on the Pages of History) The day I ran my first Marathon !!  It was a crazy feeling, not to mention surreal. When I signed up for this event ... actually, my wify,Darshika, signed me up for this…

Flashing the Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One X (Endeavoru)

As I promised myself earlier, I'm back to flashing ROMs on Android devices. And as the saying goes "Charity begins at Home", I have decided to flash my HTC One X with the HTC Stock ROM-based Android Revolution HD ROM. I have read some excellent things about this ROM on the XDA-Developer forums and the fact that I still get…

Flashing my Android devices

It's been quite some time since I played around with my phone's internals. I remember trying out different ROMs and tweaks when I first bought it , a year and a half ago. But for some reason, which I can't remember, I went back and flashed the stock images and even went so far ahead as to un-Root and Lock…

Ubuntu For Android

This is like a dream gadget for me. Android phone with an Ubuntu Add-on that also has a TV interface ? Are you kidding me ? The beauty of this is that not 0nly can you see you media content on a big screen TV or LCS screen, but you can also run the Android applications in an Ubuntu environment.…

Unboxing My Samsung Galaxy Tab

I finally got my Samsung Galaxy Tab today !!! F@#$ You Bluedart for making me wait two days in anxiety and then making me come to your shit-hole warehouse. Kudos to Flipkart for shipping my order on the same day. And now, without further delay, here are the Samsung Galaxy Tab's Unboxing photos :

A list of Must Watch , To Be Watched Movies

I'm making a list of legendary or cult movies that I haven't yet watched. Here it goes : Tora! Tora! Tora! All Quite on the  Western Front Apocalypse Now Full Metal Jacket Platoon Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The Deer Hunter Paths of Glory The Longest Day These are in no particular order . Also I summed these up…