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Running my first Marathon

16th October !!! ये तारीख ईतीहास के पन्नों में सुन्हेरे अक्षरों में लीखी जाएगी (This date will be written in Golden letters on the Pages of History) The day I ran my first Marathon !!  It was a crazy feeling, not to mention surreal. When I signed up for this event … actually, my wify,Darshika, signed me up for this…

The Commencement

I , Raseel , the worshipper of Homer J Simpson, Commander of the Pot-belly army, Chief of the Lazy Forces, Believer of Sloth and Gluttony, Eater of the First Order of Ultra-Junk foods, Enemy of the Exercise, hereby declare the Commencement of the Barik Raseel Project. Join me , oh Lazy and Fat Ones, in my journey to Slimville !!!…