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Unboxing My Samsung Galaxy Tab

I finally got my Samsung Galaxy Tab today !!! F@#$ You Bluedart for making me wait two days in anxiety and then making me come to your shit-hole warehouse. Kudos to Flipkart for shipping my order on the same day. And now, without further delay, here are the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Unboxing photos :


Panasonic’s User Interface for HDTVs

Panasonic is a consumer electronics company. It’s not a Software company. So although you would consider Panasonic for all your gadget needs like Stereo systems, projectors, camcorders, etc. you do not expect to find any great user interfaces to it (apart from maybe, the sleek looks and arrangements of the panel-heads) However, as you will see in the video below,…

ArchOS28 2.8 inch Tablet

ArchOS Tablets embrace Android Big Time

ArchOS is rooting for Android Big Time !!! As of this writing there are 5 internet tablets from the ArchOS stable , running Android. The internet tablets named ArchOS28 , ArchOS32, ArchOS 43, ArchOS 70 and the ArchOS101 are named after the size of their screens. So ArchOS28 is a device with a 2.8 inch screen and the ArchOS32 has…

Smartphone comparison

iPhone 3GS ? Motorola Droid ? Palm Pre ? HTC Touch ? For those of you who are quite unable to make your mind on which Smartphone to go for, here’s a detailed chart listing the features and cost for the top Smartphones currently in the market. Thanks to Bill Shrink for producing this chart It is interesting to see…

Auto Cos turn to Gadgets

I’m noticing lately that the maor Automobile companies are turning to be hardware vendors. The most prominent among these are the following three : The Super Sexy , Super classy Lamborghini The King of Speed, the Scarlet Ferrari The Stylish Porsche I’m pretty sure even Honda and BMW (can anyone of us forget 007s gadget-packed Beemer ?) have something up…