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How to increase the size of your VirtualBox HDD WITHOUT losing any Data

Has it ever happened that you are working on a dev Virtual Machine and suddenly you realised that you have run out of hard disk space ? And then, you had to do the tedious job of manually transferring all your changes, repos, config files, etc. to a new VM ? Well, in this post, I am going to tell you how to increase the size of your Virtual HDD, whether the HDD is in the native VDI format or a different format like VMDK, without losing ANY data and continue your work.

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I had written briefly about Virtualisation and the different avtaars currently available. I recently found this article comparing the four leading Virtualisation techniques on Linux. Although I had covered the popular ones like Vmware , VirtualBox and Xen, I missed out on Qemu and Parallels. Speaking of Xen, Citrix, appears to be in a dead sprint to remove any and…


I hate to Pray… or worship…. especially non-existent creatures like God. But everytime I don’t attend a Pooja or refuse to enter a place of worship, I see the look of disappointment in my Parent’s face. I wish I could just load a Virtual “Me” who would go ahead and do all these awful things for me. Better still, imagine…