Funny faces

I’m not even going to bother writing anything.

Just go ahead and check out these awesome pics.

Hats off to all those who got these on Camera.

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Digital Paper .. or, Try Wrapping a Wada Pav in this one

Wait !!!

Don’t cringe at the title !!!

For my non-Indian readers, Wada Pav is a type of indian junk food which the roadside vendors ofter wrap in a piece of paper for the customer when he has ordered to go.

Now that everyone is on the same page, feel free to cring and swear (Hey, thats wha comments are for)

The concept of an online office is not new.

Zoho were the pioneers in it. Read an inspiring article on Sridhar Vembu, called the Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur by Forbes, here.

At around the same time, we saw Google Docs, Google’s enrty in the online office suite space.

There were others like Ajax13,etc., but I think Google Docs and Zoho were the clear front-runners in this space.

The latest addition to this category is Scribd.

Scribd’s USP seems to be the concept of the digital paper… or as they prefer to call it iPaper. Scribd lets you publish your and share your documents just like its peers. But along with publishing, it also has a facility to monetize your documents by integrating a sophisticated Google Ads system which displays Ads according to the document content. Finally, it will also allow iPaper to directly integrate into your website and even has support for PDF documents so that you do not have to bother with the offline PDF readers. The more they feed my laziness, the more I like ’em 😉

The next time I write a paper or a neat tutorial here on my techblog, I’ll take iPaper for a spin.

Lemme know if any of you guys have already done so and what has been your experience.

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Inhi Logo ne…

Ok !! I know. A VERY sidy Blog title, but  I just couldn’t resist myself 😀

But it’s awesome to see  all the older logos of these Giants.

Just take a look at Adobe‘s evolution. And while you are at it, Adobe released AIR 1.0 today and you might want to check it out.


Here’s Apple. Can anyone make out what that first logo is ? Doesn’t look very Steve-Jobby to me !!


In case of Palm, I thought they should have kept the 2003 logo. Looks slick and stylish !!!


Check out the logo evolution on Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Firefox and more here…

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Robot Quartet

If you want to be part of a truly great Orchestra or Quartet you would typically spend hours practicing your instrument making sure you get all the chords and beats and codas perfect.

Well, in the 21st century, you can just get a few robots to do it for you with Win glasses and Table Tennis balls.

Check out this amazing video to see what I mean

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Microsoft pledges

In what is called as a “bold” move, Microsoft announced strategic changes in Technology and Business practices to expand interoperability.


With this end in view, it plan’s to take serious action on the following four fronts :

1. Ensuring Open Connections : Microsoft will publish on its website documentation for all APIs and communication protocols for it’s high-volume products that are used by other Microsoft products. Developers can access this information freely and thus ensure that their products can connect to Microsoft’s high-volume products (like Windows Vista, Office 2007, Sharepoint, etc.)

2.Support industry standards : Microsoft will work with implementors of standards that it has used in it’s high-volume products , towards achieving robust, consistent and interoperable implementations.These will be documented and published on the their website free of cost , as well.

3. Data Portability : Microsoft will work towards giving users the choice for document formats and have APIs in Office 2007 to set these formats as default for all their applications .

4. Fostering community participation : Microsoft will extend and ongoing dialogue with customers, developers, industry as well as open source communities to promote interoperability.


Microsoft has already launched the Microsoft Interoperability portal with a view of promoting it’s new pledges.

Quite frankly, I find this whole affair a bit dubious. Microsoft has made similar claims before, only to point fingers later at Linux users for patent violations.

What do you guys think ?

Will Microsoft pull this one off ?

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Duty Calls

Duty Calls

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Try Phone

You read it right !!

For those of you who thought I misspelt TRAI (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India), the ubiquitous Indian governement body , you’re about to learn a thing or two from this post.

One : I have a spell-checker which i deign to use once in every few years .

Two. TryPhone is a website which lets you Try out a phone before you buy it.

No, they do not home-deliver the phones to your house so that you can try out all the features to your hearts content and then decide whether you want to buy it. But what these guys are doing is the closest thing to the physical experience.

Try Phone

TryPhone lets you try out the features and applications of the phones in their database in a virtual web environment.

Ok, so it still doesn’t have the touch feature. And for some of the weight-concious snobs out there, you get no idea of how “heavy” the phone is. But I still think it’s a pretty swell idea to test out a phone’s UI, apps and features.

Go give this baby a test ride here !!!

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…And now the Drums !!!

When I posted about the RoboGuitar,  my last thought chronicled was whether Drums would be the next in line as sudo musical instruments.

And sure enough……………….

We have with us today………….

The one……

The only…………

(Drum Rolls…………………………………)

Rock Band Drum Kit !!!

Yes, you can use this Drum kit to interface with the PC and play Rock Band Games.

And the real kicker to this is, someone has actually removed the kit from the game and now calling it a Drum Machine that lets you assign sounds to the different pedals and a whole lot of other things.

What do you Rockers think will be the next in the line ?

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Yahoo Officially Rejects Microsoft’s bid

I missed blogging about Microsoft’s unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo. But since it was covered by most of the Tech blogs anyway and more importantly, since Iron Maiden does not start a world tour from a city near you often, I don’t feel too bad for the readers of my blog.

But here’s a post claiming Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft’s offer, complete with Yang’s mail to “Yahoos” .

I personally thought Yahoo took a bit too long to respond to Microsoft’s offer. Yahoo can clearly make a good come back and redeem themselves in the Internet’s rat race. It has some great engineers and all they have to do is focus on innovation and not concentrate on defeating Microsoft or Google.

But, I think Microsoft will definitely come back with a counter-offer. They will not take NO for an answer this easily. But thats just my 2 cents. What do you feel Microsoft will do ?

More importantly, what do you think  should be Yahoo’s next move ?

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Acquisitions them all !!!

Check out this poster of all the acquisitions made by different Internet giants.


Read more about this madness HERE

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