Linux Wallpapers

I found these cool Linux wallpapers.

For more of these awesome wallpapers, visit the general linux wallpaper page and the distro-themed wallpaper page .

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Testing Twitter poll

I don’t know how many of you are already addicted to Twitter, but I admit, I am.

For the blissfully ignorant ones, Twitter is a micro-blogging service, i.e, you can post messages in less than 140 characters. People who are interested in what you have to say “Follow” you to keep updated of your one sentence micro-blogs.

In turn, you can “Follow” other members to see what they have to say.

Admittedly, it sounds stupid at first. But if you linger around for a couple of days, you will find yourself twittering all the time.

Until recently, there was no solid business model behind Twitter, but nowadays I’m seeing a whole new eco-system of Twitter-related services.

One such service is the Twitter Poll and below is the Twitter poll I have posted to test it.

Btw, Follow my Twitter-posts here.

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Codeweavers boost Linux Migration

Codeweavers, the company which gave us the award-winning software to run MAC OS and Windows software on Linux, is giving it’s full support in Lindependence ’08.

Lindependence ’08 is a community endeavor to migrate not one, not ten, but the WHOLE TOWN of Felton, California to Linux. Oh yeah !! That’s what I call mass conversions.

The CrossOver suite of softwares, to run the MAC and Windows applications on Linux,  will be made available by CodeWeavers to every computer user in Felton. As a result, the newly converts will still be able to use their favourite Windows applications on Linux.

“If the citizens of Felton are ready to take the effort, we want to help them as much as possible.”, said Jeremy White, CEO and President of CodeWeavers.” We think that these sorts of migration efforts vivdly demonstrate that Linux is ready for prime time”

CodeWeavers is also a leading corporate backer of the Wine project.

This is truly an encouraging step by CodedWeavers, one that is exemplary for other ISVs to encourage mass linux adoptions.

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