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OpenVarsity is an initiative for eLearning, or learning with online tutorials, Open Source and Free Software technologies.

As soon as I saw the first prototype of it’s course I was convinced that this would be a great way for newbie enthusiasts to get their hands dirty.

I have already emailed Naveen from OpenVarsity, pledging my full support and being available for any screenshots, tutorials, etc.

I myself wanted to do something on similar lines for OSD, wherethe goal would be to atleast get users started on various topics.

I am currently also experimenting to record Screencasts, so that I can have video’s similar (but instead of comments I will have to do Voice-overs) to Naveen’s. I have installed Istanbul and xVidcap for recording the screencasts, but it seems xvidcap is the best software to have for this.

I have installed Moodle on this site and have am learning to design courses. I wonder if I could upload and integrate videos easily into moodle.

I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions on what tutorials they would like to see in Basic Linux usage .

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Another Runner in the Race

After RoadRunner , IBM’s supercomputer with 6,480 dual-core processors, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it is now the FreeRunner.

OpenMoko‘s Neo FreeRunner, running on Linux OS, is being made available to consumers worldwide. You can order it directly from their site, from TODAY !!!

Openmoko\'s Neo FreeRunner

The truly awesome thing about this phone (apart from the tech specs available on the site) is that not only can developers write their own software for it, right from the kernel and drivers to application , modifying the look and feel for the phone, but even hardware manufacturers can re-design it since it’s CAD file is available under the open source license.
I think a price of $399 or Rs.17,000-odd for a truly customizable phone is completely valid.

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