Blogging for the Bloggers

I have started making frequent and regular posts.
Maybe not on my own blog here, but that’s besides the point 🙂

Ashish Sinha from and Kiethh Dsouza from had sent out a call for Authors for their excellent and growing blogs. I applied to both the blogs and to my genuine surprise both of them readily accepted. Interestingly enough, I was following both Ashish and Kieth on Twitter since quite some time now.

I am a very frequent visitor of, a regular commentor there and also have a had a chance to communicate with Ashish on a couple of occasions earlier. mainly covers entrepreneurial and start-up related stories and news. I have joined in to add some geekiness to the blog. Starting with introducing the readers with various concepts of the open source world, I eventually plan to start interviewing prominent Indian personalities from the Open Source world, some major Developers and possibly even start-ups who are making their mark either by leveraging the  Open Source power or actually deploying an open source service or product.

Take a look at a few of the recent posts I have contributed to at : is a fun site. It has tips, quick How-Tos, news and sundry other stuff for all kinds of technologies, ranging from Linux to Windows to the Web to Social Media and Networking. I used to often end-up on Techie-buzz whilst finding some peculiar problem I was encountering with my Windows setup. At ,  I plan to write about a wider range of topics ranging for Linux and Open Source softwares, iPhone , Hacking firmwares, etc. I just have a couple of posts out with a lot more half-drafted 🙂 :

Let me know if you guys like what you see. Feel free to comment on the articles and definitely subscribe to their RSS feeds or sign-up for their Email Newsletters.
Also, I’d love to know what kind of posts would you like to hear in this space , over and above the topics I have mentioned above ? Any other suggestions and/or tips for a budding blogger ?

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