Gstreamer Conference 2010 Videos and Slides uploaded

The Gstreamer Conference 2010 happened recently on 26th October 2010 at in Cambridge , UK.

It has an awesome line-up of speakers with very interesting topics ranging from Gstreamer on TI’s new OMAP4 processor by Rober Clark to the state of Google’s new WebM container format.

Check this link for the schedule of talks by all the speakers.

Interestingly enough, the CELF Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2010 was also held in Cambridge, U.K and the dates of this conference clashed with the Gstreamer Conferences. So, the remaining 2 days of the Gstreamer Conference were decided to be merged with the CELF conference giving it a bigger exposure.

You can check out the CELF schedule here.

Even as I was cursing the fact that no one captures these awesome events live so that people like us who are not able to attend it , can atleast watch the videos, a very interesting company called Ubicast, went ahead and did just that .

And How !!

Ubicast is a company specializing in webcasts and makes use of gstreamer’s prowess heavily in it’s framework. They were kind enough not only to give a Case Study demo of  Ubicast’s innovative products, but also sponsor the video capture of the conference and make it available for free.

Check-out the videos, started with a keynote, from none other than the venerable Wim Taymans himself (it was awesome to see the person live, instead of just his Email or IRC nick).

The videos are also accompanies by Presentation slides. The awesome thing is that the slides change as the talk continues. Although the slides are available separately also, watching the videos alongwith the slides is an awesome experience . I think the Ubicast folks are on to some real useful product here.

So just sit back, grab  a coffee and go through these videos (and thank your stars you didn’t plan that expensive trip to U.K., just to see wtay) 

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