Oracle OpenSolaris 11 Express Released

On November 15th, Oracle, the new owner of Solaris, announced the availability of Oracle SolarisĀ  Express 2010.11

This new release has a considerable number of features which were not present in either OpenSolaris (understandably) as well as Oracle Solaris 10.

Some of these key features are :

  • Networking virtualization and resource management capabilities that increase throughput, speed up applications, and reduce network loads and complexity.
  • ZFS enhancements for file and block de-duplication, encryption and provisioning.
  • Fast Reboot, which allows customers to recover systems and databases in tens of seconds verses tens of minutes.
  • Leading edge patching, upgrade and installation capabilities designed to reduce risk and greatly simplify the most common system administrator tasks.
  • A built in snapshot facility that always keeps a backup of the system boot image and allows customers to revert back to the old version with a simple reboot.

For more details on this release, check-out the official Oracle Solaris Express 11 page here 

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