Linux on Refrigerators using Enlightenment

It is said that NetBSD is one of the most ported Operating Systems in the world. It runs on almost everything, from massive Servers to even a Toaster.

Well, Linux isn’t far behind !!!

Electrolux, a manufacturer or home and kitchen appliances, have decided to use Linux with Enlightenment, for their latest product, a smart refrigerator called Infinity I-Kitchen.

The Infinity I-Kitchen features a high-resolution touch-panel display and rich, intuitive user interface. Using this panel, it’s possible to visualize basic information like current and external temperature. Besides this, it has several applications like Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Recipes, etc. You can see how this is the modern version of magnets holding up notes on our refrigerators.

Besides these, the Photos application converts the touch-panel into a digital photo-frame. I think this is a really cool feature considering the hardware.

Electrolux Touch Panel Display 1Electrolux Touch Panel Display 2

The hardware used is a Freescale i.MX25 processor running at 400Mhz with 128 MB RAM. The display panel will have a resolution of 480×800.

The awesome thing about this is that the rich user interface is rendered completely in software as there is no hardware accelerator on the device. This feat is achieved using the Enlightenment library suite also known as Enlightenment Foundation Libraries(EFL). TheĀ  Enlightenment suit contains libraries like Evas, Edje and Elementary which gives the rich look and feel to the user interface.

This marks as a very important development for Linux since Electrolux is one of the first mainstream consumer electronics companies to have embrace Linux in a high-end product.

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