MySpace trying to get back in the Game

Today morning when I started the usual purge of my over-crowded Inbox, I saw an invitation mail from

MySpace Email 1

My first reaction was : Wow !! GMail did not catch this as SPAM ? That itself should be a compliment enough for MySpace.

Admittedly, I have not visited for over , I don’t know, a Century now ! But who has ?

So excuse me for not being sure if the “New” MySpace look and feel is different from the older one.

As can be seen from the Email promos, MySpace has a host of new features like Discovery Tools, Sync tools, Earn badges, Personalised streams, etc.

It’s like the MySpace team decided to take one feature from all the top Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc.

Now all I have to do is muster enough “I give a fuck” to actually check what these are all about.

MySpace Email 2

I remember there was this dialogue in the new movie “The Social Network” (psst!! It’s NOT about MySpace) , where Mark Zuckerberg asks Winklevoss’ what’s so different about their proposed project, The Hardvard Connection ? “How is it any different from MySpace or Friendster ?” .

It seems to me that MySpace might have taken than comment way too seriously and decided that they would try and get back in the “game”.

But anyways, all jokes apart, I have to atleast give credit to MySpace for trying to re-invent themselves even after so many years. Their supposed “New look” does look decent. But what I could make out from some screenshots, I hope the User pages are not clones of the “Wall”.

Also, I honestly don’t remember when they changed their logo, but I like the current one.

Here’s wishing luck to MySpace. And just out of curiosity, will you go and revive your MySpace account or sign-up for a new one ? 

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