Panasonic’s User Interface for HDTVs

Panasonic is a consumer electronics company. It’s not a Software company.

So although you would consider Panasonic for all your gadget needs like Stereo systems, projectors, camcorders, etc. you do not expect to find any great user interfaces to it (apart from maybe, the sleek looks and arrangements of the panel-heads)

However, as you will see in the video below, they have come up with a very intuitive and innovative user interface for their HDTV’s

The interface seems very smooth, with bold icons and no clutter. The 3D look and feel adds to it’s graciousness.

To top this, the HDTV comes with a Wii-like remote for gesture-based controls. So, as you will see, the remote control reacts to gestures like “pull” and “push”.

The funny thing is that, Panasonic still feel that this UI is not ready for prime time. Well, if you ask me, instead of displaying a UI which you claim not ready for prime-time, you should make sure it is GA (General Availability) consumption ready and then showcase it at events like CES 2011.

What do you think of the UI ? Too juvenile ? Futuristic ? Or do you wanna play with the bad boy now !! 😉 

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