My Yellow Drum Machine

Here’s a cool home-made Robot Drummer !!!

robot drummer


You can see some funny videos of this bad boy in action here.

While it’s not exactly a Rock Band Drum gadget , it still kicks ass !!!

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Robot Quartet

If you want to be part of a truly great Orchestra or Quartet you would typically spend hours practicing your instrument making sure you get all the chords and beats and codas perfect.

Well, in the 21st century, you can just get a few robots to do it for you with Win glasses and Table Tennis balls.

Check out this amazing video to see what I mean

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Luke an Arm’s Video !!!

Remember the sexy Luke Arm (and the sad pun in the blog title (Psst… It’s in this one too))?

Here’s a link to a small interview and video¬† of the Luke Arm in action

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Luke an Arm !!!

The DARPA funded robotic arm prosthesis known as the “Luke Arm” is soon to go into clinical trials.

Luke Arm

Apart from doing the routine functions of shaking hands, unlocking a door, etc., which most arm prosthesis available in the market are capable of doing today, this arm can also perform advanced motions like plucking chocolate-covered coffee beans, etc.

You can read more about this amazing technological marvel alongwith a details of the actual technology behind it here.

This brings me back to my college days when we used to read about the 3-axis , 4-axis and SCARA Robot-hands. It was fun . I wonder why I gave that up !!

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