The UMPCs are here

The age of UMPC or Ultra-Mobile PCs, is here. The iPhone, iTouch , Nokia’s N81 , HTC, Samsung…. the list goes on.

ASUS’s eeePC already created waves in the market. With a direct competition to the OLPC, it is now the most sought after Christmas gift in the US. After the initial uproar on GPL violations, eeePC is now in complete compliance. With Ubuntu and more recently, Xubuntu being ported on it, its popularity is ever-increasing.

However, today’s spotlight is on Everex’s Nanobook, previously codenames “Cloudbook”. This eeePC rival runs gOS, the Linux Distribution “filled” with Google Apps. I personally liked it better than eeePC, well …. atleast on paper !!!

I’m really waiting to get my hands on gOS. These Google guys are always upto something. And even if ALL of their products aren’t as addictive as, say, Gmail, they are definitely worth taking a look at.

Speaking of Google, the Search-Engine giant is also investing in the 700 Mhz spectrum . Wow !! Looks like Google’s plans for world domination is on schedule.

Another couple of gizmos I wanted to bring to notice is Convergent Living’s smart screens. It’s nice to know that in a few years (when the smart screens become much cheaper), I will be able to control the electronics of the whole house without getting up from my seat.

Lastly, I’m so glad GPS receivers are arriving in India. When I returned from my brief visit to the Silicon Valley, the one thing I badly wanted to bring back with me (in terms of technology), is the GPS receivers. In fact, I actually spoke to a few of my friends about marketing the stuff in India. I explained to then how a certain site called could help is mapping Indian roads. The idea was received mixed reactions. Some thought Indian roads were far to complicated to be tracked by a GPS unit.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this beautiful piece in one of the upmteen newsletters I have signed up. The best part is that the device is from which is owned by CE Info Systems.

I just hope that all these awesome UMPCs and M ID (Mobile Internet Devices) are available in India soon.

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