7 Linux Distros reviewed

I’m a little late in posting this article, since most of the Distros mentioned here are out with newer versions.

But since  it was so informative, I thought I’d post it anyways.

I thought I was the only jobless person interested in trying out Linux Distros on my VirtualBox or sometimes triple booting. But it turns out there are actually others who do 7 of ’em at a time and, as if that wasn’t enough, they make it a point to document it too.

Cool !!

The folks at Informationweek have done a Shootout of 7 popular Linux Distros. They did it on 5 different machines as if to prove a point or something.

Does it live a lot to be desired ? Have they left some very notable cadidates like the fanatically followed Kubuntu or the geeky Gentoo ? Did they miss out on a coupla hundred tests ?

There are obvious answers to the above questions, but that’s not the point.

The point is, Ubuntu is arguably the best Ditro around and I use it !!! 🙂

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