Nexus S boots Meego and Ubuntu

Most of you are aware of Google’s Android-based Nexus S smart phone. With sleek looks and feature-packed to the core, it is arguably, the best and one of the most expensive smart phones in the market.

However, having said that, it is really appreciable that it can still be hacked to run other Operating Systems.

Meego, is a Linux based framework for mobile handsets and internet tablets, headed by Intel and Nokia. It is currently still in the development phase, but you can be sure that there will be a lot of devices running Meego in the coming years.

Meego is one of the OSes ported on the Nexus S. This is a huge step for Meego developers as it gives them a validation of their framework on a mainstream device like the Nexus S. The image shown below shows a raw, un-formatted version of Meego dumped on the Nexus S.

Meego running on the Nexus S

Ubuntu , is arguably, the most popular Linux distribution today. Ubuntu’s decision of embracing Unity, a desktop environment designed with a view of running it on Internet tablet devices, certainly seems to have paid off. What you are seeing in the image below is a Nexus S running Ubuntu’s Unity desktop.

Ubuntu's Unity desktop running on the Nexus S

One thing to remember is that these “ports” or hacks are still very developmental in nature. Hope this encourages the developers to port these other open source frameworks on other Android devices as well.

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Smartphone comparison

iPhone 3GS ? Motorola Droid ? Palm Pre ? HTC Touch ?

For those of you who are quite unable to make your mind on which Smartphone to go for, here’s a detailed chart listing the features and cost for the top Smartphones currently in the market.

Thanks to Bill Shrink for producing this chart

It is interesting to see that three out of these four smartphones are based on Open Source technologies.

However, the iPhone has about 100K, that’s right… a Hundred thousand applications (on last count) available for download at the app store. This phenomenon is again a testimony to the superlative marketing skills by Apple. Although the number of developers for the iPhone must surely be far less compared to all the open source developers out there, the Applications for the iPhone beat those for the open source Android platform in an almost 10:1 ratio.

What I would like to see is, with Giants like Google and Nokia backing open source mobile platforms like Android and Maemo respectively, will the iPhone be able to sustain it’s top spot in the Smartphone market ?

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Android 2.0 : The Eclair Release

With Verizon’s Droid all slated for a release next month, it will be releases with the latest Android Release, “Eclair“.

Going with their tradition of  naming their major Release after pastries, Android 2.0 seems to be feature filled.

Some of the interesting features I feel are as follows :

  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Digital Zoom and In-build Flash support in the Camera
  • Support for HTML5 in the browser
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Several new developer APIs.

You read more about the 2.0 SDK and how to sync it with your current SDK here.

A complete  list of features is also present here.

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Wireless connectivity

Google , Comcast, Intel Capital, Time Warner Cable , Bright House Networks and Trilogy Equity partners have entered into an agreement to pool in about $3.2 billion dollars in a new wireless broadbaand company.

The new company, named Clearwire, is joint venture between Clearwire Corporation and Sprint Nextel Corporation. Both these companies have joined forces to combine their next-generation wireless broadband businesses.

This venture will churn out United State’s first nationwide wireless broadband network on the new WiMAX standard. This will be the first time that the consumers will experience a truly high-speed wireless mobile experiencen and will benefit a range of demographics from SME sector to public safety organizations to educational institutions throughout the US.

You can read more about the details and benefits of this venture here

This reminds me of Reliance’s promise of bringing broadband in India by 2008. Well !! It’s 2008 already and we are still waiting. Another forgotten promise (or shall we say a dream), was the one made by Maharashtra State Government and Intel to make Pune, India’s first (or complete) wireless city. I know the project was shelved by Intel after some tax issues with the government (CMIIW), but what really takes the cake is that a smaller ton like Mysore is already :wireless’ed”.

It shouldn’t take this long for IT heavy-weights like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and even Mumbai to gear up not only it’s broadband connectivity and speeds, i\but also provide wireless connectivity across the Metros.

Sometimes, from my old office at Deccan Gymkhana in Pune, I could see a SSID named(Unwire Pune) which would give us a fairly decent connectivity. We used to regularly use it for surfing when our local office network was down (don’t even bother asking why ), thinking that this was PMC’s initiative, But soon someone found out that this was just an Open SSID of some private firm and soon we all just stopped using it.

The point is, it’s high time that India is a “mid-bandwidth” nation.

We need to pull our act together …. and fast !!

There’s a need for speed here !! I would like to hear about new hotspots opening up everywhere in India. Why don’t all the big companies like TCS, HCL and Infosys spend this advertising surplus is sponsoring these hotspots ? And why just the IT companies. Pepsi could have a hotspot, in say, MG Road (in all the cities that have it).Maybe there could be an initiative for a collaborative project like FON too

With all the great lead we have in the IT sector, I hope suchinfrastructure problems don’t hold us down for long.

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Yahoo Officially Rejects Microsoft’s bid

I missed blogging about Microsoft’s unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo. But since it was covered by most of the Tech blogs anyway and more importantly, since Iron Maiden does not start a world tour from a city near you often, I don’t feel too bad for the readers of my blog.

But here’s a post claiming Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft’s offer, complete with Yang’s mail to “Yahoos” .

I personally thought Yahoo took a bit too long to respond to Microsoft’s offer. Yahoo can clearly make a good come back and redeem themselves in the Internet’s rat race. It has some great engineers and all they have to do is focus on innovation and not concentrate on defeating Microsoft or Google.

But, I think Microsoft will definitely come back with a counter-offer. They will not take NO for an answer this easily. But thats just my 2 cents. What do you feel Microsoft will do ?

More importantly, what do you think  should be Yahoo’s next move ?

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Acquisitions them all !!!

Check out this poster of all the acquisitions made by different Internet giants.


Read more about this madness HERE

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