Flashing the Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One X (Endeavoru)

As I promised myself earlier, I’m back to flashing ROMs on Android devices.

And as the saying goes “Charity begins at Home”, I have decided to flash my HTC One X with the HTC Stock ROM-based Android Revolution HD ROM.

I have read some excellent things about this ROM on the XDA-Developer forums and the fact that I still get to have my beloved HTC SenseUI 5.0 makes it any easy choice for me.

Here are the links to some of the files that need to be downloaded.

Steps Zero to Three are to be performed once only. Then, going ahead, you just need to install the different ROMs, so Step Four is good enough.

Step Zero : Backup

Always, Always … Always , Backup !!! I can’t stress this enough. Well, unless, you don’t care if you loose all the data on your phone. But even then, maybe you will Flash one ROM today use it and after some time want a new ROM. And then you might have some data that you DO care about. So, please, do yourself a favour and BACKUP !!

Choose your own poison, but I would recommend SuperBackup and Titanium Backup (You won’t be able to use Titanium Backup until you Root your device).

First : Unlocking the Bootloader

First things first! Let’s void my warranty (Psst !!! I have already done it a year ago)

But here’s another thing I love about HTC. They allow you to officially unlock the bootloader. Just register yourself with HTCDev.com and they guide you through a step-by-step process of unlocking your bootloader. A certain Mr. Ashish Mundhra has an excellent screenshots based guide of the unlocking process here.

Just one heads up here for HTC One X owners. The “Supported Devices” drop-down on the “Unlocking bootloader” page does not list the HTC One X. In this case, just select “All Other Supported Models”

Second : Installing a modified Recovery image

Since I want to eventually multi-boot my device, I was giving a thought to installing the TWRP recovery rather than the Clockworkmod Recovery, but for some reason, which I can’t remember, I gave up on the idea and decided to go ahead with the Clockworkmod Recovery itself.

I have downloaded the recovery-clockwork-touch- and the Fastboot binary for my Mac, i.e., fastboot-mac from the above links.

The installation procedure is pretty standard :

1) Copy the recovery image to the top folder of your Internal Storage. Actually, you can copy it anywhere on the Internal Storage. It’s just that the deeper inside folders you copy, the more cumbersome it will be to select the image later from Recovery mode.

2) Reboot phone into “Fastboot mode” by first switching it off, then holding the Volume-Down button and then the Power button.

Heads Up : If you see a USB error message, ignore it. It comes only if you try to go to Flash or Recovery mode without unplugging the USB cable.

3) Choose Fastboot from the Menu

4) Connect USB cable, if you have not already done it.

5) From a Terminal window on your Mac :

./fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
./fastboot-mac erase cache

6) Done. You have installed a modified Recovery image. Do your happy dance !!!

 Third : Rooting

1) Copy the SuperSU zip to the top folder of your Internal storage.

2) Reboot to Fastboot, only this time select “Recovery” instead of  “Fastboot”. You will see the HTC logo briefly and then presented with the ClockworkMod Recovery menu.

Remember, you navigate with the Volume-Up and Volume-Down buttons and select/choose with the Power button.

3) Select “Install from zip”

4) The Select “Choose zip from SD Card”

5) Browse to your SuperSU.zip file

6) Select it and install it.

7) Done. Keep “Go Back”ing till you see “Reboot”.

8) Ensure you have successfully Rooted by opening Titanium backup App. Previously it would have given an error that “your device does not support root”. Now it will open without the error.

9) Done. Do the Happy dance again.

Fourth : Flashing the Android Revolution HD ROM

Things don’t get easier than this.

1) Copy the Android Revolution HD ROM zip file to the top folder of your Internal storage

2) Reboot into Recover mode

3) Select “Install from zip”

4) Select “Choose zip from SD card”

5) Browse to the location of your ROM zip file

6) Select the ROM and proceed to install it.

7) Reboot

8) Done. Do a very vigorous version of the Happy Dance !!!

Fifth : The AROMA installer

I gotta admit. The AROMA installer’s lack of touchscreen support did make all 3 minutes of my life miserable.

But after I figured out the sequence of Volume Up/Down buttons to navigate, it was fairly straightforward.


But other than that everything works !! I know, I’m using it.

Well.. The Sense 5 Toolbox did not work. I was getting an error about not installing the “Xposed Framework” properly.

So, here is the link that will help you to resolve the Sense 5 Toolbox issue :



That’s it then !! Enjoy the Android Revolution HD experience. And remember to restore your backups from Titanium or SuperBackup.

Extra Resources  :

Android Revolution HD , XDA developer link

Sense 5 toolbox




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Flashing my Android devices

It’s been quite some time since I played around with my phone’s internals.

I remember trying out different ROMs and tweaks when I first bought it , a year and a half ago. But for some reason, which I can’t remember, I went back and flashed the stock images and even went so far ahead as to un-Root and Lock the bootloader.

Well, I’m back to tinkering with the phone again.

And this time, I even have my Nexus 7 to screw around with. The only problem is, my 2 and a half year old son uses it too. He needs it for his daily fix of Hulk and Play-doh videos and his Dinosaur Apps. I know, …. Don’t ask !!!

Well, nonetheless, I’ll figure out some way to flash the tablet later. For now, I’m going to start playing around with my HTC One X (International edition, codenamed : Endeavoru)

Here are some of my goals in flashing different ROMs :

  • Get used to basic device Rooting procedure
  • Get familiarized with procedure to Flash different ROMs
  • Try out different Recovery Mods : Clockword as well as TWRP
  • Install Android Revolution HD ROM , since it’s very much like the stock HTC ROM, which I am quite fond of.
  • Install Cyanogenmod ROMs
  • (Ultimate Goal 1) Build a Cyanogenmod ROM , first using a Kitchen, then man-up and compile it by hand
  • (Ultimate Goal 2)Multiboot ROM
  • (Ultimate Goal 3) Dual boot with Ubuntu


The first in this series is going to be creating custom ROM using some Kitchen, followed by Flashing the Android Revolution HD.

Stay tuned !!

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