Smartphone comparison

iPhone 3GS ? Motorola Droid ? Palm Pre ? HTC Touch ?

For those of you who are quite unable to make your mind on which Smartphone to go for, here’s a detailed chart listing the features and cost for the top Smartphones currently in the market.

Thanks to Bill Shrink for producing this chart

It is interesting to see that three out of these four smartphones are based on Open Source technologies.

However, the iPhone has about 100K, that’s right… a Hundred thousand applications (on last count) available for download at the app store. This phenomenon is again a testimony to the superlative marketing skills by Apple. Although the number of developers for the iPhone must surely be far less compared to all the open source developers out there, the Applications for the iPhone beat those for the open source Android platform in an almost 10:1 ratio.

What I would like to see is, with Giants like Google and Nokia backing open source mobile platforms like Android and Maemo respectively, will the iPhone be able to sustain it’s top spot in the Smartphone market ?

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Inhi Logo ne…

Ok !! I know. A VERY sidy Blog title, but  I just couldn’t resist myself 😀

But it’s awesome to see  all the older logos of these Giants.

Just take a look at Adobe‘s evolution. And while you are at it, Adobe released AIR 1.0 today and you might want to check it out.


Here’s Apple. Can anyone make out what that first logo is ? Doesn’t look very Steve-Jobby to me !!


In case of Palm, I thought they should have kept the 2003 logo. Looks slick and stylish !!!


Check out the logo evolution on Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Firefox and more here…

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