Yahoo Officially Rejects Microsoft’s bid

I missed blogging about Microsoft’s unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo. But since it was covered by most of the Tech blogs anyway and more importantly, since Iron Maiden does not start a world tour from a city near you often, I don’t feel too bad for the readers of my blog.

But here’s a post claiming Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft’s offer, complete with Yang’s mail to “Yahoos” .

I personally thought Yahoo took a bit too long to respond to Microsoft’s offer. Yahoo can clearly make a good come back and redeem themselves in the Internet’s rat race. It has some great engineers and all they have to do is focus on innovation and not concentrate on defeating Microsoft or Google.

But, I think Microsoft will definitely come back with a counter-offer. They will not take NO for an answer this easily. But thats just my 2 cents. What do you feel Microsoft will do ?

More importantly, what do you think¬† should be Yahoo’s next move ?

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Acquisitions them all !!!

Check out this poster of all the acquisitions made by different Internet giants.


Read more about this madness HERE

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